Criticizing others is just practice for criticizing yourself [BLOG+VIDEO]

Criticizing others is just practice for criticizing yourself 

The biggest source of stress in life is often ourselves. Self criticism and self judgement can drain our energy and cut us off from all sorts of interesting possibilities for life.

When you're trying to get on track with fitness and/or lifestyle in general, it's crucial to muster every ounce of energy we have. The last thing you need is an eternal bad parent living inside your brain, criticizing your every move and harshly judging any failures!

But most people don't seem to realize that the harsh judgements and criticism they level at other people, even when they "know" they're right, usually end up backfiring and are at the source of great personal pain and stress.

The harder you are on others, the harder you are on yourself

There's always a time and place where you need to call someone on bullshit or some of the despicable behavior humans can engage in. 

But social media has made it possible and apparently enjoyable to complain, criticize and judge virtually every aspect of someone's life on a previously unimaginable scale.

Without realizing it, millions of people are spending all day building and fortifying little neural super highways that facilitate a critical and negative mindset- highways that run in both directions. 

The more you criticize and judge others, the more you expect and demand perfection from others, you will make the same impossible demands on yourself.

Every time you "call someone out" or make fun of them, expect it back from yourself twofold. 

People do not realize the physical energy that is being burned by this type of mindset. Do everything you can to get out of it- a positive attitude is a crucial underlying factor to success in any fitness program or diet, or well being in general.

  • Try and focus on being complimentary instead of critical
  • Focus on taking action to stop things you see as unjust instead of words
  • Try and be compassionate to the opinions or actions of others even if they seem "wrong". Right or wrong is often tough to nail down and is usually a matter of perspective

Build the right highways

Try to work on constructing the highways of understanding. So many times we fail with a new program, diet or lifestyle change because we are so hard on ourselves. We focus on the early failures instead of the small victories or think we're lazy or stupid for failing, causing us to abandon things too quickly or get caught chasing unrealistic results we don't need. 

When you have a low opinion of yourself from constant self criticism, it clouds your judgement and gives you a skewed perception of how far away you are from happiness or success- this is how we get roped into all sorts of overpriced, overpromising self help or fitness schemes. 

And of course, it's a huge drain on energy you desperately need when you're trying to get out of a rut or finally get in shape. It's best to not let that little voice of negativity in your head get a lot of practice time kicking the shit out of other people all day when you know it's going to come back on you.

Feel free to disregard and leave a nasty comment below. I won't judge!

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