5 thoughts to help you deal with stress [BLOG]

5 thoughts to help you deal with stress

There's a million strategies for dealing with the stress we all face (to varying degrees). A life coach can be a source of a long term blueprint for dealing with stress, but in a pinch we can't always access these things.

Often we're just forgetting a few simple facts of life that can help us cool down and not feel so stressed about things.

Here's a few thoughts to flash through your head when you're feeling stressed and/or sorry for yourself.


The things we forget when we're stressed

1. This will all be over soon

Sounds harsh, but don't forget that no matter how bad things are, this is all going to end one day. Being stressed about both living and dying is illogical.

2. Have a sense of humor about it all

Humor is an incredible gift of consciousness. No matter how dark, how bleak, try and have a laugh at things. Mocking your own problems can sometimes paradoxically lift some of the burden.

3. Think about how insignificant we all really are

We think about our problems as being so important, yet consider the size and age of the universe, all that's happened on the earth and all that has yet to happen. Worrying about what someone at work thinks of you or what your ex is up to seems kind of silly.

4. You don't actually have to be doing any of this

Think about it- what do you really have to do? Taking care of your kids is really the only obligation you couldn't/shouldn't fail to meet. At any time, you could give up everything and wander the streets. You're stressed because you take on obligations because you want more out of life. Remember that connection and it will remind you why you put up with all this crap.

5. Having zero stress is probably bad anyways

As humans we're designed to put up with a certain amount of stress, both mental and physical. We wouldn't be where we are otherwise. So remember that although we seem obsessed with reaching some stress free utopia, we'd probably just find new ways to be upset anyways. We're hardwired for this stuff to a certain extent, which leads into my next point.


One last thing to remember

I'm not saying your problems aren't real, but keep in mind that as humans we've had a very stressful rise to the top. Thousands of years of evolution have encoded in our DNA a constant search for danger and all sorts of physical and existential threats.

Most of us in the West live in incredible luxury and safety compared to just a few hundred years ago, and thus our brains are still searching for danger when there largely is none. We're now just as worried about our net worth dipping by 25% or being insulted as we were about getting eaten by a lion.

Try and understand that in many cases, our brains are tricking us into thinking we should be much more worried than we need to be anymore!

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