The trap that keeps men unhealthy! (BLOG+VIDEO)

The trap that keeps men unhealthy!

As a personal trainer and health coach, I often talk to guys who are contemplating getting in back in to shape, but don't have a real sense of urgency.

They lack urgency because they "know what they have to do" based on having been in great shape in their 20's. The problem is that this attitude can sometimes persist deep into their 30's or even 40's after major changes have taken place with things like metabolism, injury recovery or lifestyle demands. 

Past success with getting in shape is a positive indicator of future success, but it's not enough on it's own. The idea that one can flip a switch after years of inactivity and get a flat stomach in 6 months is unlikely to become a reality, despite what most health and fitness products will try to tell you.

The truth about getting in shape after 30

The hard reality is that there's much more to health and fitness than just calories and lifting weights. Especially as men get older, it's likely to take a much broader effort to make it all work with kids, a career and the aforementioned changes with metabolism and recovery times- there's often a big learning curve.

It's why I enjoy the health coaching aspect of what I do; tackling the big picture and focusing more on lifestyle integration as opposed to just scheduling workouts and meals is much more effective. There's also a better chance the changes will stick!

Guys can often be living a contradiction with this stuff as they approach 40- they "know" what they need to do and thus don't need help, yet don't realize that if they're approaching 40 and in the danger zone for hypertension, CVD or diabetes, they obviously don't "know" very much about what they need to do!

Past success is great, but becomes an anchor when it's just used to justify good old fashioned procrastination.

Feel great again with Cooper Health Coaching!

Cooper Health Coaching is a personal training and health coaching service located in Vancouver, B.C. providing in-person and online coaching for clients locally and across North America. Founder Geoff Cooper is certified as both a Health Coach and Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). 

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